The Law Explains That Labor Disputes Worth Dh50,000 or Less Would not be Brought to Court.

Shaheen & Associates

Following a recent update to labor laws, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE) is empowered to settle disputes valued at Dh50,000 or below without resorting to legal proceedings.

At a gathering held at the MOHRE headquarters in Muhaisnah on Thursday, a panel of legal scholars elaborated on the legislation and its implications.

What occurs: Upon receiving the complaint, the Ministry will evaluate it and undertake necessary measures to amicably resolve the issue. If such an approach isn’t viable, one of the following actions will take place: Either the labor dispute progresses into legal proceedings if it surpasses Dh50,000 in value, or the Ministry assumes responsibility for resolving disputes valued at less than Dh50,000.

To initiate a report, employees facing labor issues can file a complaint at the Mohre office through various channels, including by phone at 60056566, in-person visits, or via online submission.